SensibleVision Introduces AI-Driven Mobile Face Authentication in India

SensibleVision announced that its innovative artificial intelligence (AI) driven face-authentication solution is now available in India and can be used as part of Aadhaar and other security protocols. SensibleVision technology is fundamentally different than other biometric tools, with its proprietary 3D technology enabling it to properly identify people regardless of skin tone, which has been a significant problem for many competitive technologies.

For over a dozen years, SensibleVision has been innovating in the face authentication space and has received seven patents in this area. Unlike other face recognition solutions, Sensible Vision uses true 3D depth sensing software to measure 10,000-15,000 depth data points. SensibleVision has a created a virtually spoof proof authentication that works in all lighting conditions that exceeds other implementations currently on the market. It can be used in conjunction with existing 2D enrollment databases.

“We are delighted to make our innovative authentication solution available to the Indian market,” said George Brostoff, CEO and Co-founder of Sensible Vision. “Fast, accurate face authentication in real-world conditions dramatically increase the effectiveness of a wide range of applications from expanding access to financial services to improved delivery of social programs.”

SensibleVision’s extraordinary level of accuracy is achieved with techniques to measure faces in True 3D, using actual X, Y and Z coordinates. Unlike other solutions that are based on older 2D data or tested in academic settings, SensibleVision delivers fast and accurate results regardless of skin tone, gender, age or lightning conditions – criteria which have limited the effectiveness and accuracy of many of today’s biometric-based solutions.

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