Sennheiser launches AMBEO Smart Headsets Supporting Virtual Reality (SMART) Audio

Sennheiser,German Audio specialist, today announced the launch of the AMBEO SMART HEADSET- intuitive, compact, and mobile 3D sound recording headset. Aimed at igniting the nascent Virtual Reality audio space in the country, the new AMBEO Headset is ideal new tool for the millennials, new-age vloggers and other content creators. Its earpieces are fitted with omnidirectional microphones that capture the sounds in your environment just like your ears would, enabling the content creators to dazzle their audience with audio just as immersive as their pictures. To top it all, the resulting 3D recordings can be enjoyed through any pair of stereo headphones and make you feel like you are there listening live. Using Apogee’s proprietary PureDigital technology, the AMBEO SMART HEADSET integrates seamlessly with Apple iOS devices – and delivers high quality Sennheiser sound.

Ambeo Smart Headset

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Kapil Gulati- Director Consumer Segment, Sennheiser India said “From Hollywood to SMART games, virtual reality is becoming a norm for not just the entertainment industry but also the new age content creators. It has given rise to the era of 360-degree videos, which immerse you into the recording and truly make you feel a part of it. Beyond the video though, the audio side of the equation is just as important, and 360-degree sound recording is a growing trend for this reason. With Sennheiser focusing on providing the best and futuristic audio solutions to its consumer, AMBEO is Sennheiser’s program and trademark for 3D audio. For us, AMBEO is the umbrella for different types of immersive audio configurations. And that is from the recording side, to the processing side, to the playback side. We believe that SMART puts your eyes in another world; Sennheiser AMBEO brings your ears along.”

He added “We are very thrilled to have launched the AMBEO Smart Headset in India. The new headset will be able to create an illusion of sound that will leave the consumer in awe. With our AMBEO SMART HEADSET, we have surely set our sight to revolutionize the Virtual-Reality audio space in India”

This headset has ears – yours

Now, owners of iOS devices can produce videos with a high-quality 3D audio track just by wearing a headset. To achieve that, the microphones are positioned to pick up the sound just like your ears would. With the Smart Slider, you can adjust the mic sensitivity to normal or loud, i.e. concert, environments. This results in a stunningly three-dimensional and immersive sound experience, which can be enjoyed with any headphones on any stereo-capable device, allowing the listener to experience audio as if they were actually there.

High-tech meets convenient simplicity

Simple and easy to use, the AMBEO SMART HEADSET delivers all of the convenience and simplicity of a mobile device. Featuring Apogee’s proprietary Soft Limit and mic preamp, plus precisely tuned A/D and D/A conversion, and an Apple MFi-certified Lightning connector, the headset integrates seamlessly with all compatible Apple iOS devices. Sennheiser is also working on a version for Android which will be available at a later date.

Earpieces that let you hear your environment — with Situational Awareness & Active Noise Cancellation

The earpieces of the AMBEO SMART HEADSET possess a unique feature called the Situational Awareness. Using the rocker switch, you can either make the outside noise fade into your personal program, which lets you stay safe when you are on the street, or you can deploy the active noise cancellation, blocking out your acoustic environment to chill and enjoy your music undisturbed. Situational Awareness also works when you are recording or making a call and can, of course, also be turned off.

Everything you want from a headset

Aside from its unique 3D audio recording capabilities, the AMBEO SMART HEADSET is also a high-quality pair of in-ear headphones. The AMBEO SMART HEADSET delivers on the exceptional sound quality you expect from Sennheiser and provides ultimate comfort thanks to a special ear hook design, while the extremely stable in-ear fit minimizes structure-borne noise. An additional built-in microphone lets you take calls and operate voice control on your iOS device.

Pricing and Availability

The Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Headsets are priced at INR 19,990. The Sennheiser e-store now lets you check out and buy these headphones anytime and anywhere by visiting the e-store at News Service

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