Savera Marketing launches Edimax EW-7438RPn Mini Smart Wi-Fi Extender

Edimax-EW-7438RPn-Mini-Smart-Wi-Fi-ExtenderMumbai, India, January 29, 2015: Savera Marketing today announced the launch of Mini Smart Wi-Fi Extender – EW-7438RPn from Edimax, a leading networking solutions provider. This N300 Wi-Fi extender is super-small with 3 modes-in-one and a free EdiRange companion app for Android & iOS.

The EW-7438RPn Mini is a smart, compact Wi-Fi extender featuring next-generation functionality and a sleek design. Offering a new level of innovation and intelligent design for Wi-Fi extenders, the EW-7438RPn Mini works as a Wi-Fi extender, access point or Wi-Fi bridge and is an easy-to-use, 3-in-1 solution to eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones and extend wireless coverage.

Gopal Pansari, MD and CEO at Savera Marketing, said “With the launch of Edimax EW_7438RPn, we are offering a smart solution for people using multiple devices and facing the challenge of network connectivity in entire home or office. This Wi-Fi extender is designed to be a small form factor meaning that it can be discreetly plugged into any wall socket and this convenient placement allows one to increase the signal coverage of Wi-Fi network.  Bring the dead zones to life.” 

EdiRange App

The free Android & iOS EdiRange APP incorporates user-friendly and versatile functionality such as Wi-Fi scheduling and a guest network, and easy-to-understand analytics about local Wi-Fi environment available. The extensive web-browser user interface also provides a range of configuration options to suit your network, as well as other helpful function such as switching off the LEDs (useful for bedrooms). It’s WPS compatible for a quick and easy setup option and it’s capabilities as an access point and wireless bridge enable one to connect Ethernet devices to their Wi-Fi network, in addition to extending Wi-Fi coverage into dead-zones or hard to reach areas.

With wireless speeds up to 300Mbps, the product boasts a durable build quality with a form factor that sits comfortably in modern living rooms or bedrooms, works with any wireless router, and won’t intrude on neighboring sockets thanks to its mini size.

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