Savera Marketing expectations from the new government

Quote from Vice President at Savera Marketing Subir Mahapatra on his expectations from the new Government in the IT  industry: 

Vice-President-at-Savera-Marketing-Subir-MahapatraPeople have given their mandate for a strong and stable government. We are looking forward to a decisive government that can fast forward the process of reforms. Reforms needs to be simplified in doing business in India- easing fiscal situation and tax issues, FDI in multiple sectors, and creating an ecosystem that makes India an investment friendly destination as well as create more jobs for the youth.

New Government should work on building a world class infra-structure. The present vibes and signals look positive with stock markets at an all-time high, Rupee appreciation and the sentiment of business community which is optimistic as the new government seems to be steering in the right direction and already has a clear agenda in place. We all look forward towards a scam free, corruption free socio-economic and political environment that promotes businesses and makes India a powerful developed country.

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