Samsung leading in mobile payment and OS Coverage

Samsung-logoNew Delhi, India, April 29, 2014: In its latest report of the series to assess the content and services strategies of leading handset OEMs, Strategy Analytics uses the Jigsaw model to conduct a 360-degree evaluation of Samsung’s content and service strategies.

Samsung’s relentless efforts to build its own mobile content and service ecosystem on top of its leadership in mobile devices is starting to bear fruits, especially in its extensive support for different operating systems and its mobile payment solutions.

Samsung has succeeded in launching a string of services exclusive for its own devices, especially the flagship Galaxy smartphones and tablets, in a clear attempt to build a self-sufficient ecosystem, despite still missing a few building blocks.

“We are impressed by the speed with which Samsung has rolled out its services that provide its Galaxy customers with an alternative to Google’s default offerings. The services on top of Samsung’s strong devices portfolio from wearables to Smart TV are designed to provide its customers with a complete ecosystem. Although in these early stages some of the services are weaker than Google’s offerings, which are typically pre-installed on the same devices, Samsung has some strengths, such as its mobile payment solutions,” said David MacQueen, Executive Director, Apps and Media. “Samsung’s endeavors may have provided a valuable reference case for other Android OEMs aiming to differentiate. However I suspect not very many OEMs can copy Samsung’s strategy, as it demands a long-term commitment and strong financial backing.”

Samsung’s content and services will be in a stronger position if its key assets are better aligned and a few gaps are filled.

According to Wei Shi, Wireless Media Strategies Analyst, “The next areas Samsung may look to strengthen should be those assets related to contextual awareness, for example it is now relying on partners to provide social context and location platforms. Improved positions in these areas will not only provide a better consumer experience, but also help Samsung to understand the customer behaviors better.”

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