Ringo: The Smart International Calling app launches in India

Ringo-LogoMumbai, India, January 14, 2015: Communicating internationally with friends and loved ones relies on one of two things: an expensive calling plan or a stable Internet connection ­ until now. Ringo, which has now launched in India, is the first international calling app that delivers high quality and low cost calling without using the Internet. Ringo is meant for anyone looking to save big on high­quality international calls, from families trying to keep in touch, to companies conducting global business.

“We believe our app will change the way India communicates with the world,” said Bhavin Turakhia, CEO of Ringo. “In this country, reliable internet connectivity that can support VOIP calling is still far away. Ringo provides the perfect solution for Indian consumers who want to stay in touch with their family, friends and colleagues abroad reliably and at a low­cost.”

Unlike other OTT voice apps, Ringo calls do not use the Internet, Wifi, data or carrier minutes. Making a call using Ringo is identical to making a call through your carrier, in terms of quality, and yet costs 70% lower than standard rates offered by most Telcos. Ringo uses a unique call flow to convert international calls into local calls. When a Ringo user from India contacts someone in the United Kingdom, Ringo will automatically dial out a local call to the Indian user and another local call to the UK user and connect the two over reliable carrier

According to Telegeography, in 2012 India originated 20 billion international voice minutes (not counting OTT apps) representing 4% of the global ISD traffic, and making India the 4th largest originator of ISD calls in the world, after USA, UK and Germany. Consumers in India spend well over $2 billion annually in making international calls. Ringo, whose prices are 70% cheaper than Vodafone or Airtel’s and 20% cheaper than Skype or Viber’s for most destinations, will result in huge cost savings for Indian consumers.

“The app is a result of significant technology investments, global carrier partnerships and strategic relationships,” says Bhavin. “We believe that communication should be easy and inexpensive. We envision a world where cost is not even a criteria for communication with anyone anywhere around the globe.”

Ringo’s launch could not be better timed. There has been heavy debate around recent announcements by carriers and TRAI to charge consumers for VOIP. Amidst this controversy, Ringo provides a unique international calling solution that does not use VOIP and hence will never incur these additional costs.

Apart from India, Ringo is also available in the following countries –

• Australia
• Brazil
• Canada
• Germany
• Hong Kong
• Italy
• Japan
• Mexico
• Poland
• Singapore
• Spain
• Switzerland
• United Kingdom
• United States

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