Ricoh India launches ‘Intelligent Barcode Solution’ for printing

New Delhi, India, July 28, 2015: Ricoh India Limited, the leading provider of digital office equipment, IT services, today introduced Ricoh’s Intelligent Barcode Solution (IBS) software that enables a wide range of Ricoh Multifunctional Products (MFPs) & Printers to print barcode and optical character recognition (OCR). Ricoh has launched IBS in order to meet the requirements of today’s customers and make the work environment more flexible and functional.

Today, many businesses print barcode and OCR that are used to keep track of inventory and mission critical documents with the help of a separate device or supplementary hardware. The user-friendly design enhances productivity for businesses operating in the SAP environment by automatically translating the Barcode language into the Ricoh print driver language without interrupting the work flow. IBS seamlessly integrates with Ricoh MFPs and Printers to expand functionality and also has built-in function that eliminates the need for programing modification, thus reducing the programmer’s workload.

Manoj Kumar, Managing Director and CEO of Ricoh India Ltd. said“In today’s demanding business world, companies are looking for MFPs/Printers that can handle beyond just normal workflow, demanding solution that is embedded or compatible with existing units. Ricoh has introduced IBS with the objective to provide a solution to the customer that is cost effective, reliable, reduces workload and makes the process efficient by streamlining the workflow further.”

IBS will offer companies a versatile solution that works efficiently with input-output control options such as paper tray selection, duplex, staple and hole punch. It also allows multiple users to access Ricoh MFP’s/Printer’s features without special configuration. Users do not have to modify application software as IBS automatically translates to Ricoh code. Ricoh’s IBS is very much cost-effective for customers as it brings barcode printing into the office while optimizing the capabilities of the existing Ricoh MFPs/Printers.

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