REVE Antivirus Deploys Endpoint Protection Product Across the Ministries of Bangladesh

In last 3 years the Government of Bangladesh has played a major role in promoting the ICT sector as the next growth engine for Bangladesh. With increasing usage of technology in Bangladesh, there has been increasing instance of vulnerabilities like cyber-attack, ransomware, Malware etc. To protect the entire system of network, REVE Antivirus, one of the leading next generation security products providers has deployedEndpoint Protection product for Enterprise users under Ministries of Bangladesh.

DESCO-Dhaka Electric Supply Company Ltd, a company under Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resource has installed 800 PCs for its 20+ office stations. Apart from this, DPDC-Dhaka Power Distribution Company Ltd. a company under Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resource installed REVE Endpoint Security for 700 PCs for its 36+ office stations in Dhaka.

REVE Antivirus deployed 400 Total Security Antivirus licenses atDhaka WASA- Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority, under Ministry of Local Govt. Rural Development & Co-Operatives.

In the words of Sanjit Chatterjee, CEO – REVE Antivirus, “Bangladesh is one of the countries which has the most risk of malicious software attacks. The malware attacks turn into thousands of devices unusable and had detrimental effects on enterprise. With lot of efforts in R&D, we developed products that removes all kind of loopholes in the cyber security framework. News Service

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