Replies from Shoptimize and Cooliyo on ‘Net Neutrality’ by Mr. Mangesh Panditrao, Co-founder & CEO, Shoptimize & Cooliyo

It is very important that we do not let differential pricing and performance creep into the internet. Budding online brands in India are already struggling to reach the target audience due to the huge marketing and advertising barriers created by large players. . It will become even more difficult for them if they have to pay to maintain a level playing field in terms of bandwidth. One of the things that has really worked well for our app cooliyo is the fact that we show products purely on the basis of their merit and popularity thus keeping away any bias. Cooliyo is focused on democratizing shopping for women in India. It makes good business sense based on our experience to let the community decide what to see and what not to. It would be quite ironic if we now suddenly have to face a bias while we try to reach our own community. It would be a massive setback for several startups such as ours.

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