Replies from Array Networks on ‘Net Neutrality’ by Mr. Shibu Paul, Regional Sales Director – India, ME and SEA at Array Networks

Regional-Sales-Director-India-ME-&-SEA-at-Array-Networks-Shibu-PaulI am a strong advocate of net-neutrality. Openness is an essence of the Internet and consumers must have the liberty to choose what (Content), when (Priority) and how (Quality of service) they want to use their data. It’s going to be the most influential, and in many cases, the only form of communication. We must ensure that no one monopolizes the Internet and they preserve its openness. Else, the IT industry will get affected sooner or later.

If the Internet isn’t a neutral place, ISPs/TSPs will be in a position to bar certain data from your device and decide what data you can access from the Internet. They should not be allowed to determine how people use their services. For ensuring this, robust guidelines and regulations must be put in place so that ISPs/ TSPs are not in a position to selectively PUSH to consumers what they monetarily benefit from. In addition, service providers should focus on providing SLA’s agreed with customers.

The Internet is a great tool that India can largely benefit from. Array devices help service providers to enhance and accelerate the performance of internet services and prioritization of service. Firstly, a huge investment is required in the Internet infrastructure, which should be taken up by government before we start debating on net neutrality in this country. India is one of the first few countries to have a formal IT Act which was created in 2000. The government should constitute a dialogue with stake holders, define boundaries and create concrete rules and regulations around the Internet.

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