Replies from ADATA on ‘Net Neutrality’ by Mr. Richard Tan, MD & Director, ADATA Technology India Pvt Ltd

MD-&-Director-of-ADATA-Technology-India-Pvt-Ltd-Richard-TanIs it a fair practice to allow ISPs and TSPs to determine which services/apps customers should use?

In our view, it is totally unfair to put any condition on usage of any type of service on the Internet. As today Internet is just not being used for entertainment purpose but has become a growth engine for businesses. Putting any condition on usage would jeopardise the businesses and overall the economy would also have a negative impact.

Does it affect the concept of ‘open’ Internet?

Yes, surely as putting any condition on the type of content the NET user consumes would lead to data blocking by start-up businesses as they may not have deep pockets to spend heavily on the NET as compared to already existing businesses – which is against the principal of organic growth.

What are your views on net-neutrality in the Indian context?

In Indian context wherein there is growing intolerance in political and religious matters, this can also go on to be a big negative impacting issue. Government should take a clear stand and involve the relevant parties and come out with clear strategy on NET neutrality.

How will it affect your industry?

Directly it does not look like it will impact our segment i.e. storage. But looking at the larger prospect of economy and business growth – wherein ecommerce is a vital engine for growth and also an important vehicle for ADATA business we recommend to ISP to no go ahead on this.

There is no concrete policy around Net Neutrality yet. What steps should the Government take in this regard?

The government’ role in this should be bring on consensus on this issue with all concerned stake holders and bring in clarity at the earliest so that the business does not hamper and economy keeps growing

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