Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure Version 5 adds Advanced Systems Management for OpenStack Private Clouds

Redhat-logoMumbaii, India, November 17, 2014: Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, today announced the general availability of Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure Version 5, featuring the powerful systems management capabilities of Red Hat Satellite. Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure is a comprehensive solution that supports organizations on their journey from traditional datacenter virtualization to OpenStack-powered clouds. With Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure Version 5, users can now manage their virtualization and OpenStack environments simultaneously, via a single platform.

IT organizations are in the midst of a shift from traditional virtualization to more cloud-enabled architectures, and charting the course to move application workloads from one architecture to another while maintaining manageability and policies across discrete platforms. Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure is designed to address this need and enables organizations to build and manage a private cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) based upon datacenter virtualization and management technologies for traditional workloads, while providing an on-ramp to a highly scalable public-cloud-like infrastructure based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform.

With the debut of Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure 5, the single subscription offering now includes:

  • Red Hat CloudForms, an open hybrid cloud management solution that provides visibility and control over existing heterogeneous virtual infrastructures and lets users deploy, monitor, and manage cloud services across virtualization environments and public, private, and hybrid clouds.
  • Red Hat Satellite, a comprehensive solution providing complete lifecycle management across all components of Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure, including physical infrastructure and tenant workloads.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, a highly scalable IaaS solution that delivers an open, flexible, and enterprise-ready private cloud foundation built on the community OpenStack project integrated with and optimized for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, a comprehensive datacenter virtualization product for Linux and Windows workloads that enables users to build an agile, secure virtualization foundation with the features needed for traditional enterprise application workloads. 

The integration between these components of Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure provides true value and environment management for customers. Red Hat CloudForms provides self-service portals, provisioning, chargeback, metering of services on Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, while Red Hat Satellite performs Red Hat Enterprise Linux provisioning and lifecycle management tasks including discovery, drift remediation and Red Hat Enterprise Linux guest provisioning.

In September 2014, Red Hat debuted Red Hat Satellite 6, providing a single management console and methodology for managing the tools required to build, deploy, run and retire a system. Red Hatalso expanded its hybrid cloud management capabilities in CloudForms earlier this year, adding private and public cloud platform support across a variety of hosting options, including OpenStack, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager, and VMware.

Gary Chen, Research Manager, Cloud and Virtualization System Software, IDC, said, “As more organizations continue to deploy traditional enterprise workloads and adopt new cloud native applications, it can be a challenge to blend the two environments and support the dynamics of both workload types. Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure’s varied capabilities enables users to create their own blend of cloud resources at their own pace, with a management system spanning resources for workloads across virtualized, private cloud, and public cloud environments.”

Joe Fitzgerald, vice president and general manager, Cloud Management, Red Hat, said, “Hybrid environments are simply the reality of today’s IT organizations, and organizations want to get to the cloud on their own terms and timeline. Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure acknowledges that reality, and by bringing software lifecycle and configuration management capabilities that span physical, virtual and cloud systems to users via the addition of Red Hat Satellite, we’re helping to establish Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure as one of the most comprehensive and premier cloud infrastructure solutions for enterprises.”

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