Quote on the launch of Apple smartwatch By Frank Palermo, Senior Vice President – Global Technical Solutions Group, Virtusa

The race for wearables really begins today. The Apple Watch launch once again sets the experience bar for what users expect in connected wearable devices. The pattern of success is very familiar to what we have seen with iPod, iPhone and iPad. Create a simple, intuitive device, design it to have a “cool” factor, setup a complete ecosystem, have apps that provide utility and value, package it well, price it reasonably and hype the heck out of it! The bottom line is that Apple delivers a complete platform rather than just discreet devices. Apple Watch will  be launched into a ready-made thriving environment, unlike for example, Google Glass.

The concern that Apple Watch might suffer a similar fate to Google Glass dissipates when you look at the respective approach of those companies. Google tends to take more of ‘engineering’ go to market approach, where they release new innovations quickly to market (in beta form), to get them into the hands of developers who they hope can create innovative applications for the technology. That approach can work, but takes a lot more time to get into the mainstream consumer market. Google Glass was always a cool idea looking for a practical application.

So, while I’m not sure I actually need an Apple Watch, I will be getting online to buy one. That’s the track record and respect that Apple commands in the market.

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