Quote on Digital India Campaign by Mr. Yogesh Agarwal, Director at Applane Solutions Pvt Ltd.

President-at-Applane-Yogesh-AgarwalSince the dawn of the new governance, technology has been kept on the forefront by Mr. Modi. For an Indian company like Applane, this is no less than a boon to be led by such a technologically zealous national leader. 

Our aim as a company has been to provide digitally streamlined solutions to industries such as education, logistics, IT, e-Commerce etc. For this we dream of a nation with impeccable digital literacy, a nation with esteemed digital infrastructure so that every next step is a step upwards. 

Digital India Initiative is a phenomenal national ambition especially during these crucial times when Applane is scaling its business broader with successful rates. Our main industry of service, ‘The Education Sector’, benefits the most with Digital India Initiative. The Initiative creates awareness amidst the group of schools, educational institutes and suchlike on how they can harness technology to manage their organization better. 

By 2019, smallest of schools will have Wi-Fi & Indian IT industries will not only be sprawling but thriving. Digital India is no more a Utopian dream and the Digital India Initiative believes in bringing this dream to life. Applane’s ambition in the coming decade is to make organizations adopt technology as their partner, and this ambition can only be fueled by a demarche such as the Digital India Initiative. 

Cutting the long story short, Applane is all praises for Digital India Initiative. It is like a helping hand on our shoulders driving our digital minds to aspire for higher grounds because what once seemed far-fetched is now possible.

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