Quote on Digital India Campaign by Mr. Vivek Tyagi, Director- Business Development, Commercial Sales and Support, SanDisk India

SanDisk-India-Vivek-TyagiWe are excited about the Digital India initiative by the Prime Minister of India as this will empower citizens to connect with various Government departments and schemes with ease. As connectivity increases, from a technology perspective, this will lead to a proliferation of devices in the consumer front plus data center build up on the business side of things.  The significantly increased amount of data that will be generated on both fronts needs to be stored efficiently and easily accessible. Hence, cutting-edge technology like Flash storage is the key here.

SanDisk can contribute to this initiative by providing world class Flash-based storage technology which not only helps store the data digitally, but enables it to be retrieved quickly when needed both in devices as well as in the data center. Our flash storage solutions are agile, reliable and power efficient.

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