Quora is now available in Hindi for anyone to ask questions

India-Country-Manager-at-Quora-Gautam-ShewakramaniQ&A platform Quora announced the launch of Quora in Hindi. Quora is now available in Hindi for anyone to ask questions, share their knowledge, and learn from others to better understand the world.

Launched in English in 2010, the platform has grown to reach more than 200 million unique visitors per month from around the world. More than half the people who useQuora come from outside the United States, including many people from India.

Since its launch, Quora has attracted leading personalities and experts who have answered all kinds of questions asked by people on Quora, and shared knowledge that wasn’t available before. People like former US President Barack Obama, Indian Railway Minister Piyush Goyal, Flipkart Co-Founder Sachin Bansal, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, and social sector expert Smarinita Shetty are just a few examples.

Quora CEO Adam D’Angelo was the first Facebook Chief Technology Officer before he decided to leave the company to found Quora in 2009 and build his vision: a place where people could share their knowledge online and be in touch with those who need it.

In April, Quora launched a beta version in Hindi to a small group of people. In just a few months, the platform has grown with quality content provided by personalities from different sectors such doctors, development professionals, IAS officers, software developers, CEOs, writers, graphic designers, and teachers.

Gautam Shewakramani, India Country Manager at Quora, said, “Quora has been popular in India for many years, and now that we are opening Quora up in Hindi we hope to have even more participation from people in India. I’ve been excited to see the engagement throughout the beta of Quora in Hindi. The universal appeal of our mission combined with India’s diversity and large base of internet users makes the launch of Quora in Hindi an important step towards expanding access to knowledge. During the past few months, we’ve already seen thoughtful answers on diverse subjects, such as the relevance of Ram and Sita to couples today, the best places to visit in Delhi, advice for people traveling outside India who do not speak English, gender equality at home, how to effectively spend your time while waiting at a railway station, when the next economic recession will occur in India, and which freedom fighter had the biggest impact on India’s independence movement, among many others.”

How Quora Works

On Quora, people can ask questions about any topic. Quora then distributes those questions to those who can provide high quality and useful answers, based on their relevant expertise and experiences. The more that a person uses Quora by writing answers, following topics, and following people, the more that Quora is able to personalize their experience on the platform.

Quora is able to provide good answers to questions based on the quality of writers on the platform, feedback writers get from others in the community, and product features that ensure credibility. Also, there is a policy of using your real name on Quora, which increases the level of integrity and trust people have in the answers. Identities on Quora are an extension of who people are in the real world.

Quora also has a “Be Nice, Be Respectful” policy that requires a minimum level of civility when using Quora. Quora uses technology—machine learning, natural language processing, and pattern-matching—to detect and remove things that make your experience worse, like spam, plagiarism, and trolling.

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