Post-Budget reaction by Sify Technologies

Post-Budget quote from CFO of Sify Technologies M P Vijay Kumar:

CFO-of-Sify-Technologies-M-P-Vijay-KumarFor a Government that is just 45 days old, I will say it’s a job well done. This budget has given us visibility on intent and direction. The Government has been very practical in ensuring continuity and making some socially important schemes productive. Secondly, they acknowledge that banks need to be capitalised on priority without which, industry credit needs cannot be met. There is a huge emphasis all through the budget proposals on PPP. Effective governance will result in successful PPP facilitated infrastructure growth. This might also give an impetus to the Smart Cities plan; because eventually these cities would require utilities and connectivity. There might be a hidden gem in the Rs.10000 crores for venture capitalist fund for encouraging start-ups, a fantastic push for entrepreneurship. The fiscal deficit of below 3% for next year is highly welcome. The discipline here is to ensure effective government expenditure.

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