Post-Budget reaction by Ramco Systems

Post-Budget quote from CEO of Ramco Systems Virender Aggarwal:

CEO-of-Ramco-Systems-Virender-AggarwalFor Industry at large, the budget looks promising and this in turn will help IT product companies such as ours to increase penetration into the segment. The proposal to give the much needed impetus to infrastructure and manufacturing sector will help bring these sectors back into the limelight.  Defence, Infrastructure and Manufacturing are core markets for us and we hope to capitalize on the growth trajectory set for these segments. The very fact that there is focus on skill development and ambitious IT modernization projects (in post offices, rural banks etc.), are ample proof of the fact that the industry is all set for a robust growth. The plan to roll-out common GST across the country will help simplify the tax structure and enable transparency. Overall, expectations from the present government have been very high…and the budget has fairly stood up to the expectations.

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