Post-Budget reaction by Pulp Strategy Communications

Post-Budget quote from Founder & Managing Director of Pulp Strategy Communications Ambika Sharma:

Founder-&-Managing-Director-of-Pulp-Strategy-Communications-Ambika-SharmaMobile advertising has become quintessential for every business today to broaden their avenues and consumer reach. This decision is certain to significantly influence the usable budget allocation for mobile advertising initiatives and spends will be impacted. 

As multi award-winning full service agency in the realm of Tech enabled, experiential, digital & Interactive marketing. Pulp Strategy’s forte lies in the seamless convergence of consumer engagement offline and online. Our clients see value in our expertise of integrating and leveraging multiple mediums to drive stronger engagement and track sentiment towards positive impact on adoption. Mobility is an emerging segment and its already an inclusion to the over all plan While this medium is certain to augment further, now with the service tax applicability may influence and witness some dip. This could prove out to be too early a time for tax application as the Indian Online & Mobile Publishing is still at a nascent space and is poised for growth with businesses beginning to realise the value and long term advantages.

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