Post-Budget reaction by NVIDIA

Post-Budget quote from Mr. Vishal Dhupar, Managing Director, South Asia – NVIDIA:

Managing-Director-South Asia-NVIDIA-Vishal-DhuparWe welcome the proposed allocation of INR 7,060 crores by the government for the development of 100 smart cities.The government’s ambition for modernising mid-sized cities will undoubtedly require precision planning and effective disbursement of budgetary funds, and we believe that technology will play a crucial role in enabling this development. As a leader in visual computing, NVIDIA believes that India has the chance to leapfrog the use of the parallel computing technology in planning and executing on the Smart Cities vision. 

Flawless execution of the Smart Cities vision will require massive computing power to achieve smarter real-time video surveillance, traffic management, emergency response, satellite imagery, seismic modelling, utilities, civic amenities, biometrics and image processing and anti-terror measures.Parallel computing can help the Indian government to overcome challenges of near real time, cost-effectiveness and energy-efficiencies. And, NVIDIA looks forward to supporting the government in its vision of building 100 smart cities.  

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