Post-Budget reaction by Node Technologies

Post-Budget quote from Mr. Tito Vatapilly – CEO & Co – Founder, Node Technologies:

Node-Technologies-Tito-VatapillyA highlight of this budget from entrepreneurs and start ups point of view has been the frequent mention of the word ‘entrepreneurship’- more than any earlier budget, at least in the recent past. Another welcome change is that many key items have an implementation deadline, unlike before. Thus, adding the credibility to hope. 

As far as a product start-up like Node goes, without doubt the best aspect about this budget is the 10,000 crore start-up fund. The best thing about this fund is its India focus and thus start ups that are often ignored by VCs now have an alternate avenue for funds. 

Moreover the mere mention of software product companies in the budget document is enough reason to cheer for a product company like Node. We’ve all wanted to see the next big tech product companies emerging out of India and therefore it’s great to see the government taking some concrete steps towards realizing that dream.

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