Post-Budget Reaction by Mr. Suvro Ghosh Founder

Arun Jaitley’s budget has been very encouraging… truly inspiring for all entrepreneurs and the youth of India. As a first-generation entrepreneur, I know how hard it is to chase a dream. It would be splendid for India to not only get ideas from its brain-bank, but also get   support from the Government. This way the young, driven youth can fulfil their dreams and make significant contributions to the domestic economy over the coming years. Welcoming FDI is a cornerstone for a turnaround and to create and enhance infrastructure.

Making current loans refinanced for MSME segment will let corporates think better and will help them create more jobs. It’s a huge temptation for expansion of the present MSME segment and to think differently. Reduction of corporate tax to 25% from 30%, shows a powerful vision.

 Social security, healthcare and insurance has been taken into consideration and this is commendable. An attempt to make transactions cashless to stop black money exchanges is a well-thought move. This step will reveal its real value, gradually, in the times to come. Overall, this has been a progressive budget, looking towards a modern India.

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