Post-Budget Reaction by Mr. Diwakar Chittora, CEO of

CEO-of-Intellipaat-Diwakar-ChittoraIt is good to see a big step from Modi government towards boosting startups. IT indicates very clearly Indian government wants to build healthy environment for startups while is prevailing in US and Singapore.

If we are look at this allocation in details there is lack of clarity how these funds will be allocated, what is the duration for this will be available , what is the procedure to get the funds and what kind of startups are eligible and what is the slab of funding . 

There are still some cases where government is doing this work but it’s of no use for many. To give an example, we recently spoke to STPI Jaipur they run a program whose objective is to boost startups under name of Startup Oasis ( which is in joint venture by RIICO and we approached them for using their facility for our office. They said we are not startup as our company size is 20 people and they denied providing us their facility. They have a facility of siting capacity of atleast 30 – 40 people free from last 6-8 months but still they are not interested in giving them to us. 

Big problem here is to address even though government allocates budget but there is no clarity how to utilize, who can utilize, who is the right authority to take decision and what is the definition of startup?

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