Post-Budget Reaction by Mr. Alok Ohrie, President and Managing Director, Dell India

President-and-Managing-Director-Dell-India-Alok-OhrieWe’re glad to see a positive budget announced by the Hon’ble Finance Minister. This reaffirms the reform stand taken up by the government and its commitment to investors here. Some of the forward looking statements made by the Finance Minister have a bearing on our sector – exemption of SAD, reduction of Basic Customs Duty on electronics components, inputs etc., ease of doing business, encouraging startups and the big boost to healthcare. However, we’ll need to review the notifications before any predictions could be made on the impact on the sector. The economic survey has indicated that a clear political mandate for big bang reforms coupled with a benign external environment can propel India to a double digit growth trajectory. Today’s announcement only goes to support this. Dell has been a major contributor to the IT sector in India. Apart from being India’s most trusted technology brand, Dell’s manufacturing facility for electronics has been shouldering the ‘Make in India’ mantle for more than 7 years.  In addition, we’ve been eagerly awaiting these announcements that boost the manufacturing capabilities of the country that will eventually grow the sector.

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