Portronics launches Plugs Portable Sound System

Portronics-Plugs-Portable-Sound-SystemNew Delhi, India July 3, 2014: The newest member in the wide array of sound systems that Portronics already boasts of is Plugs Portable Sound System. Plugs brings together traditional looks and contemporary technology. This speaker is the latest to join the other wonderful line of speakers that Portronics has already introduced in the market.

Plugs supports a sleek design and great adaptability and comes with special features like LCD Display and a stylish keyboard that gives you the freedom to run your sound system as you like.

Plugs give an amazing sound quality and have comfortable yet trendy looks that make it absolutely convenient to carry in your pocket. The size of the portable speaker is 12X6.4X2 cm which makes it a convenient partner to carry around. Don’t let its size fool you—this little wonder packs BIG sound and amazing form factor.

Plugs is perfect for music lovers on the move. Quick to use – it is a party starter as it works just by inserting a micro SD card. No settings, No pairing and No tuning required. Insert the empty micro SD card in the speaker; connect the speaker to the USB cable bundled with the Speaker. Transfer the songs from your computer or delete songs from the computer at your ease.

An additional superb feature of Plugs; is its long-lasting rechargeable battery that provides big-time party fun anywhere. It has a rechargeable replaceable 800 mAh battery that can give a play time of more than 3 hours with full charge.

An added feature of Plugs is the ease with which it can connect to different FM radio stations by just the press of a button. The Built in Antenna makes it looks more portable and elegant.

Plugs support an LCD display that allows you to view the song number, song play time and FM station on the display. This makes it very user friendly. The Folder Support Function allows you to store songs in separate folders and then you can conveniently skip folders and listen to your choice of songs in a jiffy.

The Keyboard Function on Plugs makes it a great choice for elders too. Elders can just type their requisite number on the keyboard and the corresponding song can play without any search required. FM channels can also be set on separate keys as required.

Plugs will give you great sound quality and freedom to have a great time with your friends and family.

Pricing and Availability:

Plugs is available in exciting colours in blue, black and red at Rs 1,299.

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