Portronics launches Cubix portable speaker

Cubix-portable-speakerNew Delhi, India, May 20, 2014: Portronics is proud to present Cubix, a compact and powerful Aux speaker that is stylish and ultra portable. Cubix is the latest to join the other wonderful line of speakers that Portronics already boasts of. It stands
apart with its sleek design and great adaptability.

Cubix is an extremely bag-friendly portable speaker that; will make-up for that distinct lack of audio quality that your devices’ speakers cannot provide. The sound output of Cubix is very powerful and pure. It not only amplifies the sound but also make the sound more melodious and audible. So whether you are in the comfort of your home, a garden or in a hotel room, Cubix will give you pristine and clear sound.

Cubix offers great adaptability and can easily be played with your smartphones; tablets; Mp3 players; notebooks; desktops; hand-held gaming consoles or any other audio enabled device. The most unique feature of Cubix is that it needs no separate power source to run. Just connect the speaker to an Aux port of the device you wish to play music from; and you are ready to enjoy.

Cubix not only gives amazing sound, but looks the part as well. It comes in three exciting silicon casing colours of blue, orange and yellow; that give it robustness and also add a style statement to the speaker. It is of a size that can easily be accommodated in the palm of your hand and fits comfortably in your pocket, purse or your laptop bag.

Another unique design feature of Cubix is its in-built AUX cable, hidden under its back cover, making the cable’s storage safe and secure. Remove the back lid to find the in-built cable or to store it back.

Cubix contains high quality dual coil 2W drivers that help amplify the sound. It contains a special 18650 lithium ion cell that is additionally protected through the PCB at both ends. The play time of the speaker in a single charge is more than 5 hours at full volume.

Pricing and Availability:

Cubix is available in blue, orange and yellow casing colours at Rs 1,299.

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