Polaris Enterprise Solutions enhances Customer shopping experience through the OmniWeb iRetail

Chennai, India, July 8, 2015: Polaris Enterprise Solution Limited (PESL), a 100% subsidiary of Intellect Design Arena Limited, has announced the launch of its next generation OmniWeb experience for its flagship product iRetail. iRetail, a next-generation end to-end retail application aligns store technologies to address the changing needs of the customer by making the modern retail experience ‘more efficient’. Launched at the Southeast Asia Retail Innovation & Technology Summit in Jakarta, iRetail is a comprehensive feature rich, scalable and robust application, enabling fully integrated multi-channel retail. The solution also helps businesses to go global by supporting multi country and multi-currency functions for mid and large format retailers.

The OmniWeb functionality of the solution provides a complete omni-channel experience to customers my maintaining single view of customer and inventory across brick and mortar, mobile and web. Having a single view of inventory brings economy of scale and reduces cost associated with stale location specific inventory. Further, single view of customer ensures consistent shopping experience across different channels. The product brings the capabilities like ‘buy on web, pick at any store’, click to deliver to any address, merchandise return at any location etc. Such capabilities can help retailers in Consumer Packaged Goods market, Lifestyles, Supermarkets and Consumer Electronics segment to create a competitive advantage by creating consistent shopping experience for their customers.

The solution has been proved prudent for a combination of complex scenarios across 100s of global multi-chain retailers, particularly in providing consistent customer experience across multiple-ownership, multi-channel, multi-country locations enhancing supply chain responsiveness and efficiently managing inventory turnover.

iRetail has power-packed features to deliver maximum business benefits to retailers, offering solutions to manage complexities inherent to their retail business model. The product is apt for different retail business models like – Company Owned-Company Operated (CoCo), Company Owned-Franchisee Operated (CoFo), Franchisee Owned-Franchisee Operated (FoFo).  Making modern retail ‘more efficient’ iRetail manages Merchandising, Inventory, Replenishment & Procurement and Promotions & Loyalty.

The CXO widget based dashboard and BI quickly and efficiently analyses data from the enterprise level to the individual store level with quick and easy drill down options enabling CXO level decision making. Managing seamless integration is XF- Xchange Framework a pre-configured middleware enabling seamless integration with standard ERP’s and Legacy applications enabling process centric collaboration across extended supply – chains – adaptive business ecosystem.

Ed Khatuka, CEO and Head for the Retail Products Business, Polaris Enterprise Solutions Limited said, “Driven by technological advances, consumers today are provided with unprecedented choice and convenience in a borderless and limitless retail marketplace. By adopting the right technology, Retailers can create a competitive advantage by creating customer loyalty across channel. iRetail, has been built ground up on industry best practices to address the modern retailers’ needs of scalability, performance and seamless integration to address business decisions related to growth and ever changing customer service.”

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