Perpetuuiti expectations from the new government

Quote from CEO of Perpetuuiti Rohil Sharma on his expectations from the new Government in the IT industry:

CEO-of-Perpetuuiti-Rohil-SharmaThe Modi led BJP landslide win in the 2014 general election has increased the morale of the general public and corporates. Today corporates are looking for simplification of taxation, increased government spending in IT and ease in FDI; specifically push reforms and put India back on the Global IT map. Till date, no major IT company in the league of a Microsoft, Oracle, Google or Whats App has seen the light of day from India. There is no dearth of talent in India, what is missing is the ecosystem to nurture these types of companies. The Modi Government should specifically focus on creating and encouraging this ecosystem within the Government, whether it is in promoting entrepreneurship as a degree in Universities, or Government backed VC funds. At Perpetuuiti, we are keen to see large scale investment in Key Government projects, such as state data centers, home ministry projects on surveillance and security, PSU automation, GSI backed projects, as well as recognition of threat to our IT infrastructure and infrastructure to build resilience and robustness. Ideally like other developed nations (USA, UK, UAE, Singapore etc.), we need our own standards on Business Continuity and their rapid implementation.

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