Paytm Tests Face Login on Android Beta app to enhance account security

Paytm is testing the Face Login feature on its Android beta app. It will enable users to log in to their app by simply looking at their phone. This will be an important security update for Paytm users that is designed to prevent phishing attacks by providing an additional security layer of biometric security.  Additionally, it would also remove the complexity of resetting passwords to log in to accounts. 

The platform has witnessed that users accidentally share their account details with others and are mostly not comfortable with resetting their password. This Face Login feature will provide answers to all those problems and provide a secure yet simple method for them to access their account by just looking at their phone. The company has tested this feature extensively with over 10,000 distinct faces and witnessed nearly 100% accuracy. To achieve this, the app maps over 200 distinct parameters on the human face for high accuracy.  

Deepak Abbot, Senior Vice President – Paytm said, “We consider the security of our user’s accounts to be of paramount importance. As a large number of users are linking their bank accounts on the app for instant money transfers & UPI, we feel that our users would appreciate the additional layer of security and ease that Face Login offers. Our tech team is currently working on enhancing our proprietary algorithms to make it more intuitive for users. This will make accessing Paytm account even simpler & faster; prevent phishing attacks and offer instant access on the go.”

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