Paytm Mobile App Review and Verdict

Now a days everyone is busy in their personal and professional life. In their busy schedule, many times they can’t afford to go to market or shop for even recharge their DTH or satelite Tv, pay their post paid mobile bills, recharge their pre paid mobiles and recharge their data cards. If we go little back, means 4-5 years back then suerly it was a burden, but now approx everyone has a smartphone and by using smartphone we can easily do all these work. Now, may be you are thinking, how can we do all of these?

You can do all of these by using app means an appliction. You can install these app from app store. These app store comes with every operating system(OS) or platform, like Android, IOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Symbian(Nokia Store). There are many apps available in the app store. You have to opt any app from app store and by using it, you can recharge your DTH, Pre Paid Mobiles and Data card, and Pay your post paid bills.

Here, I am writing a review for an app “Paytm mobile app”, which can also recharge any Mobile, DTH and Data card. Paytm mobile app is available on all App stores.

Paytm-mobile app-review

Once you have installed Paytm mobile app on your smartphone, you have to create an account and by using this account, you can recharge Mobile, DTH and Data card.

Paytm-mobile app-review


The user interface of this app is very simple. If you are using it first time or you don’t know more in technology. You can easily crack it.

Paytm-mobile app-review

The Paytm mobile app automatically detects the Mobile operator while entering the number. Once you have put number and amount, it will proceed to next page, where you can see Promotional/Voucher code. It is good for coupon lovers. Here, you can get discount on various products, while opting it. Otherwise, you can also skip this step. Once you have done this step, you will be land on another page, which is Payment page. Here, you have to fill all of your Debit cards details and will click on Proceed Securely button. Your transaction have been completed. If your transaction has failed then you got a page that will confirm you a retry of the same recharge or start with a fresh recharge by editing the previously entered details.

There are many other payment mode options available on the Payment page, like Credit Card, Net Banking, ATM Card, IMPS and Cash Card.

 Paytm-mobile app-review

You can do much more than recharging your mobile phones & DTH. You can also buy apparel, electronics, home décor and much more.

Paytm-mobile app-review

At Paytm, a chat option is also available, which is known as Bargain Chat. Here, you can get real-feel of bargaining over-the-counter via in built messenger Bargain Chat for apparel, electronics, home décor and much more.

You can find Bargain Chat icon on every product. By using Bargain Chat icon you can chat live with sellers and negotiate your best deal. The merchant will give you a bargain code that you apply while you check out.


Paytm mobile app is a very useful free application. It’s user interface is also too simple and you can pay your bills any time or as per your comfort. Paytm mobile app also provides discount on various products. You can also buy apparel, electronics, home décor and much more by using this app. But some time it runs slow due to its just launched update. Hope tech team of Paytm mobile app will solve this problem soon.

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