Panasonic India launches new F1.8 Large-Aperture Fixed Focal Length Lens for the LUMIX S Series

Panasonic India has announced the launch of a new large-aperture standard fixed focal length lens, the LUMIX S 50mm F1.8 (S-S50), as the second addition to the series of four F1.8 large-aperture lenses based on the L-Mount system standard. With its compact approximately 300g of light weight, the LUMIX S 50mm F1.8 features stunning mobility and is suitable for snapshots including portrait to landscape. Priced at INR 59,990, the lens is compatible with the entire range of S series for still photography and video shoots.  The LUMIX S 50mm F1.8 (S-S50) is available in India across all Panasonic brand shops and Panasonic 4K Imaging School.

Panasonic India launches new F1.8 Large-Aperture Fixed Focal Length Lens for the LUMIX S Series

A total of four F1.8 lenses from the LUMIX S Series feature a common size and position of control parts to provide practical advantages in use. For example, when the camera is on a gimbal, it is easy to exchange lenses quickly with minimum adjustment of connected gears. Common filters can also be used thanks to the same diameter.

The LUMIX S 50mm F1.8 comprises nine lens elements in eight groups including three aspherical lenses, one ED (Extra-Low Dispersion) lens and one UHR (Ultra-High Refractive Index) lens. The use of three aspherical lenses realizes both high descriptive performance and beautiful bokeh, which are common advantages to the series of all F1.8 lenses. The ED lens effectively suppresses chromatic aberration. The LUMIX S 50mm F1.8 also excels in video recording performance with a mechanism that suppresses focus breathing, which was a fatal problem of all interchangeable lenses designed for still image photography. Together, with a micro-step aperture control for smooth exposure change, professional quality video can be recorded.

The rugged dust/splash-resistant* design of the lens withstands use under harsh conditions even at 10 degrees below zero for high mobility. The filter diameter is 67 mm, with a 9-blade circular aperture diaphragm. 

Additional features-

  • Has a similar field of vision as the human eyes, this lens helps you shoot what you see, providing high creative scope in compositions
  • High speed and wide aperture of the lens make it an all-rounder – its beautiful bokeh makes it ideal for wedding and portrait photography
  • The wide aperture also ensures great performance in low-light photography
  • Compact and lightweight, its high mobility makes the lens suitable for travel and street photography as well

The Panasonic and L-Mount system alliance is committed to the development of L-Mount lenses for the further expansion of its lineup to fulfill the diverse and dynamic needs of all camera enthusiasts. With this vision, the new 24mm and 35 mm F1.8 large-aperture lenses are under development to further enhance the LUMIX S Series lens lineup.

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