OPPO is all set to bring SuperVOOC to India

OPPO is set to bring its patented flash charging technology, SuperVOOC, to Indian consumers. Focused towards simplifying lives of its consumers, OPPO strives to keep innovating resulting in fast and safe SuperVOOC Flash Charge. From VOOC to SuperVOOC the output power is maximized from 5V, 4A, and 20W, to 10V, 5A, and close to 50W. The SuperVOOC Flash Charge will save you time, facilitate fast and safe charging and spare you from being worried about running out of battery.

Just like the VOOC Flash Charge, the patented technology, SuperVOOC, by OPPO has been designed basis in depth understanding and analysis of consumer demand and behavior. SuperVOOC is OPPO’s solution to consumer’s strong need for a quick, reliable, safe and long-lasting charging technology. The SuperVOOC adopts a bi-cell design. During charging, the bi-cell can distribute the output voltage of 10V and reduce the voltage of each cell by half.  Thus, it assures safety to the same extent as that of VOOC Flash Charge. SuperVOOC Flash Charge provides five-core protections, which checks the safety level when the phone is charging. All nodes including the charging plug, USB cable, mobile phone, and battery are separately protected by specialized chips. Further to its safety assurance, OPPO has also worked with Germany’s TUV Rheinland lab with over 146 years of safety expertise.  Moreover, the use of OPPO’s Flash Charge technology in over 90 million units in the last four years is a proof of this assurance.

The SuperVOOC Flash Charging enabled smartphone by OPPO is set to launch in India in December.

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