OPPO Enco W31 and Enco M31 wireless audio headphones goes on sale starting 15th May

OPPO launched a new range of wireless audio products earlier this year. Reinvigorating the space further, the brand has introduced the ergonomically designed wireless headphones OPPO Enco W31 and OPPO Enco M31 powered with best in class audio capabilities.

OPPO India introduced its first IoT product in 2019 by launching the OPPO Enco Q1 headset with a vision of offering consumers the best audio experience. The latest additions to the portfolio are aimed at enabling users to enjoy an outstanding, holistic audio experience anytime, anywhere.

OPPO Enco W31

OPPO Enco W31 created to help consumers unleash the true power of music comes with an amazing and stable Bluetooth performance. The binaural low-latency Bluetooth transmission enables the compatibility of these headphones with most smartphones. Designed to ensure consumer comfort, OPPO Enco W31 comes with an extra-secure in-ear design and is water and dust resistant making them ideal to wear anytime and anywhere. Taking the music experience to new levels, OPPO Enco W31 is equipped with two audio modes: for pop and classical music, a balanced mode that evens out audio across the frequency range; and for rock and EDM, a bass mode that enhances low frequencies. Along with this Enco W31 contains two internal high-sensitivity microphones on each side along with noise cancellation algorithm helping in blocking out the background noise during calls.

OPPO Enco M31

OPPO Enco M31 headphones are OPPO’s second neckband-style wireless headphones, following the OPPO Enco Q1 headphones. The headphones are classified as the high-resolution audio product and comes equipped with High-Res Wireless certification. 

Headphones come equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 and LDAC to enable transmission speeds of up to 990 kbps. While the audio quality relies on 9.2mm full-range dynamic drivers, PET titanium composite diaphragms, and independent bass chambers. The resulting audio is balanced across the full frequency range, with clear high frequencies, rich mid-range frequencies, and powerful low frequencies. The headphones also incorporate an AI-powered noise reduction technology that can differentiate between the noise and human voices during voice calls and help in blocking out noise and distant human voices, making the voice heard by the other party clearer. The neckband of the OPPO Enco M31 headphones is made of shape-memory metal covered in comfortable liquid silicone rubber.

Sporting a stylish and trendy design, OPPO Enco W31 headphones will be available in Black and White color options whereas OPPO Enco M31 headphones will be available in Black and Green color options. Priced at Rs. 3,999/-, OPPO Enco W31 will be available for sale starting 15th May 2020, whereas available at an introductory price of Rs. 1,999/-, OPPO Enco M31 will be available for sales starting 23rd May 2020 onwards at amazon.

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