OnlySSD announces the availability of mSATA SSD from Plextor

Bengaluru, Karnataka, February 24, 2014: Onlyssd, the exclusive high end SSD Portal, backed up by national distributor Prime ABGB, launches mSATA SSDs from Plextor in two variants PX-128M5M and PX-256M5M. PX-128M5M comes with 128GB capacity and PX-256M5M comes with 256GB capacity. These have been designed to deliver higher performance during data transfer and the ultra-mini compact look keeps it handy. Plextor are the leading developers of award-winning solid state drives and high-performance digital storage devices.

True Speed and True Protection

Plextor M5M series is a high-performance mSATA 6 Gb/s SSDs specifically engineered to deliver enhanced performance to ultrabook, tablet PC, other JEDEC MO-300 form factor users and enterprise needs; addressing the speed and low power consumption benefits with latest generation

SSD technology. Offered in capacities of 128GB and 256GB these SSD`s have a unique True Protect protection system to guard the integrity of your data. With its features like ultra mini size, light weight (9gm) and low power consumption (0.2W), the M5M is especially suitable for ultra portable on-the-go computing device.

Robust data hold-out algorithm with the combination of the latest Marvell 88SS9187 6Gb/s SATA controller’s powerful 128 Random Bit/2K BCH ECC (Error-Correction Codes) and the elite Plextor firmware gives it an unmatched data integrity. M5M is designed for people who demand the fastest performance available; it reads sequential data at 540MB/s and writes sequential data at 430MB/s. Plextor M5M uses the highest level of encryption compared to BIOS or software based encryption, hence offering strong protection if computer is stolen.

Switching to mSATA SSD is one of the best upgrades you can make to your PC/Laptops/Ultrabooks. It can be used as the boot drive to your PC. One can create their own hybrid drive, with the mSATA SSD significantly improving startup time, application launching and file transfer speeds without using any space from HDD. They are compatible in the NUC of Intel and also in few motherboards of ITX form factors. MSATA SSD`s will be of great help in Industrial machines and Embedded machines where traditional upgradation of machines are time consuming and complex.

Price, warranty and availability

Plextor 128GB M5M Series mSATA SSD (PX-128M5M) comes with the MRP of Rs. 7999.

Plextor 256GB M5M Series mSATA SSD (PX-256M5M) comes with the MRP of Rs. 15449.

Both the products are available with Prime ABGB carrying.

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