Online Security and Glitches by Mr. Vijay Bharti, Happiest Minds Technologies

Head-Cyber Security Practice at Happiest Minds Technologies Pvt. Limited shares his views on Online Security and Glitches after Russian cyber gang stole billions of passwords:

Head-Cyber-Security-Practice-at-Happiest-Minds-Technologies-Vijay-BhartiToday organisations are rendered vulnerable with cyber attacks that expose critical and sensitive data, resulting in loss of reputation and millions of dollars in redeeming efforts. The latest cyber attack by the Russian gang points to how real, immediate and severe this threat is. We find that most organisations are often ill equipped to counter these malicious attacks because they don’t have the expertise to design a comprehensive system.

Businesses need to ensure that the cyber security solution covers all the layers including infrastructure, applications, data and users. The solution needs to be adaptable to respond to changing business needs and models. It needs to ensure continuous awareness and mitigation of existing and emerging threats and risks. At the same time it needs to be cost effective, scalable and easy to deploy to ensure that businesses get the biggest bang for their buck. An integrated platform which removes the silos and boundaries of different tools to provide better context can deliver the best results on these different parameters. With the increasing frequency of attacks, security is becoming a strategic priority for organizations and they need to implement a robust security solution that looks at several key aspects.

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