Obi Worldphone rolls out its smartphone SF1 & SJ1.5

San Francisco, India, August 26, 2015: Obi Worldphone has launched two high-quality, premium-designed smartphones priced at an exceptional value to attract discerning young people in fast-growth markets in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Designed by renowned San Francisco-based product studio Ammunition, Obi Worldphone SF1 and SJ1.5 are set apart by iconic industrial design. Ammunition also developed Obi Lifespeed, a custom user interface for Android that unifies the software and hardware experience. Obi integrates elegant design with high-end technology from Qualcomm, Dolby, Sony, Corning Incorporated, Google, MediaTek, Japan Display, Inc. and Samsung to deliver a powerful performance. Obi Worldphone is the first to address the market need between high-design smartphones at high prices and generic smartphones at low prices.


“Over the next three years 1 billion users will upgrade from low-end, starter smartphones to models with more power and greater functionality,” said Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies, Inc. of San Jose, Calif., a 35-year market analyst and research firm evaluating the global adoption of consumer technology. “The Obi Worldphone no-compromise design and aggressive pricing makes it very appealing to this audience as the market for smartphones expands and the upgrade market for smartphones accelerates.”

Obi and Ammunition celebrate the new smartphones tonight at the Autodesk Gallery with Obi Worldphone co-founder John Sculley, former head of Apple and Pepsi-Cola and an international investor in consumer technology companies, and Robert Brunner, Ammunition’s founder and partner. 

“Obi has taken the best of Silicon Valley – innovations in design, state-of-the-art technology and high standards for manufacturing – and fused them into beautiful, powerful tools at attractive prices,” Sculley said. “Our efficient cost structure and broad distribution combine to present empowering tools that help our customers achieve their aspirations.”

“With Obi we set out to create beautiful, original smartphones that go beyond consumers’ expectations. From concept through to manufacturing, we’ve paid incredible attention to quality, materials and engineering to achieve the highest level of design,” Brunner said. “We’ve obsessed over every detail of the Obi experience — from industrial design, user interface and packaging — to deliver inspiring products that overturn the misconception that great design has to come at a high price.”  


Obi Worldphone SF1 is the company’s flagship 4G/LTE smartphone featuring state-of-the-art photography and audio capabilities. The SF1 has a raised 5-inch display made of durable Corning Gorilla Glass 4 – an instantly recognizable signature element that emphasizes the interplay of the hardware with the user interface. The SF1’s premium feel comes from its reinforced fiberglass body and metal accents at the top and bottom of the phone. The SF1 also features a long-life, quick-charge battery and easy-access, dual SIM slot with micro secure digital (SD) expansion. The SF1’s suggested retail price is $199 USD for the 2 GB RAM / 16 GB internal memory version and $249 USD for the 3 GB RAM / 32 GB internal memory version. 

Obi embraced the full capabilities of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor to power the SF1’s 13-megapixel camera and best-in-class Sony IMX214 Exmor sensor to enable people to capture more professional-looking images. Hybrid auto focus enables split-second, perfect focus in any light – even when shooting into the sun – through phase-detection technology. The camera makes use of the Qualcomm ChromaFlash camera feature to quickly snap two photos — one with flash, one without. The final image takes the brightness from the one with flash and the color accuracy from the other, creating a single, well-balanced image. Users can select their focus after taking a picture through the Qualcomm UbiFocus camera feature. After the photo is taken, users can also zoom in at a resolution beyond normal digital zoom levels, with crisply detailed images powered by the Qualcomm OptiZoom camera feature.

The SF1 features Dolby Audio, which delivers powerful and crystal clear surround sound though the device speakers and with headphones, for all your entertainment, everywhere. Dolby Audio simulates the placement of surround sound speakers to deliver sound true to the creator’s original concept, and as a result, consumers experience premium audio quality, with outstanding fidelity, bass impact, and dynamic range.

The SF1 also features Qualcomm Quick Charge 1.0 power management technology, which dramatically decreases the time required to charge the battery. The SF1 can charge to full power in less than three hours, which is about 40% faster than older phones. The SF1 runs on Google Android Lollipop. The SF1 is named for its city of origin, San Francisco.

SJ1.5 – 3G Smartphone 

The Obi Worldphone SJ1.5 is a 3G smartphone powered by the MediaTek MT6580 Quad-Core processor. The SJ1.5 has an asymmetrical design, with a crisp, squared-off top and a curved bottom that gives it a distinctive silhouette. The screen is made from 2.5D curved glass built flush with the body of the phone to give it a seamless feel in the hand. The SJ1.5 offers unique color and accent options, taking a more expressive approach. In addition to featuring easy-access dual SIM slots, the SJ1.5 comes with 16 GB of internal storage and a card slot for memory expansion. The SJ1.5 sports front and rear cameras and is protected by scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The SJ1.5 uses the Android Lollipop operating system and its suggested retail price is $129 USD. It’s named for Silicon Valley’s other major city, San Jose.

Security and App Partnerships 

Obi’s two security and privacy features at launch are AVG AntiVirus PRO for Android to help protect Obi devices from malware, viruses and theft, and Google Android’s built-in security layers for protection against intrusions.

The SF1 and SJ1.5 can run Google Play Store supported Android applications. Besides the AVG Anti-Virus app, other apps loaded on the SF1 and SJ1.5 will be Swiftkey, AccuWeather, Clean Master, and ColorNote.

“It takes a community to create a unique technology product and customer experience, and Obi has developed a strong, global eco-system of more than 20 companies — all contributing to inspire our Worldphone vision and make it a reality,” said Neeraj Chauhan, Obi’s co-founder and chief executive officer. 


The Obi Worldphone line will be available starting in October in retail stores in some countries and online in others. Initial Obi Worldphone markets will be those with rapidly growing youth populations including Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa, Pakistan, Turkey and India. The Obi Worldphone line has easy-access dual SIM slots enable use on GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) frequencies used in most countries. The SF1 and SJ1.5 will be available in 50 to 70 high-growth countries by 2017.

Showcasing Silicon Valley Startups 

To underscore the importance of smartphones to be used worldwide, three innovative applications designed in Silicon Valley today joined Obi’s launch event celebration.

  • Dots, an app by Dots Communications, Inc. of San Jose, Calif., provides the global citizen with unlimited, free text messages to any SMS-enabled mobile phone in the world. With Dots, the text message sender can message any SMS-enabled phone whether or not it has Dots installed. Dots provides ultimate privacy, security and peace of mind.
  • GigSky, global data provider of Palo Alto, Calif., demonstrated its SIM card and app for Android devices, which provides easily accessible, short-term data plans in more than 90 countries around the world. No contracts or commitments are required.
  • Hoot of Menlo Park, Calif., launched an exceptionally fast and efficient live video streaming service using minimal data. Hoot is democratizing live video broadcasting by using adaptive bandwidth to stream high quality video over 2g/3g connections, having virtually zero lag, and instantly archiving videos. The Obi Worldphone launch is being broadcast live via Hoot running on an Obi Worldphone. 

New Equity Partner 

In addition, Obi announced its strategy has gained the support of global insurance giant Generali Group, which co-invested in Obi with a venture capital fund consistent with the group’s approach to invest in innovative startups. Founded in 1831 in Trieste, Italy, Generali is one of the world’s largest insurers serving 72 million clients in more than 60 countries. Generali also invests in financial and communication technologies and real estate. It ranked among the world’s 50 smartest companies according to the MIT Technology Review.

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