Newgen Software expectations from the new government

Quote from Mr. Virender Jeet, Senior VP – Technology Newgen Software on his expectations from the new Government in the IT industry:

Virender-Jeet-Senior-VP-Technology-Newgen-SoftwareWith the change of guard at centre, we as an Indian Software Product Company have fresh and renewed expectations for growth.

We expect the new government to set-up Information Technology and Software Parks across the country, to bolster growth. We want more clarity and transparency in business/IT Industry related policies. We also expect tax reforms with more clarity for software products, from the new government.

In the coming years, government is going to be a big buyer for the IT industry. The Indian software product companies need a level playing field to be able to do business with the government without any hassles. Right now the tenders floated by PSU name foreign MNCs, denying us entry even at the very first level. We expect the elected government to understand our predicament and correct this immediately. World over, preference is given to domestic companies for all government purchases, then why not in India?

Also expected are more stringent IPR protection laws in IT product industry for safeguarding innovations that takes time to get implemented. Piracy is certainly a major cause of concern.

Some of the initiatives taken by this new government, like e-governance and use of Social Media for addressing public issues, already augur well for the Indian IT industry. These initiatives are bound to bring more business & motivate IT companies for discovering more efficient IT ways to catalyze these initiatives.

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