Netrack launches NHDC Series for Corporate IT Requirements

Netrack-NHDC-Series-for-Corporate-IT RequirementsBangalore, India, June 18, 2014: Netrack, a leading solutions provider for data centers and end-to-end IT server racks, today announced NHDC Series for data center to provide networking and cabling in an efficient way. NHDC Series comes with high density closed racks that are enhanced to handle high volume of cable where in customer corporate policy insists on closed racks. The racks are manufactured out of formed steel frames and profiles, welded and powder coated with highest quality standards.

Racks configuration are done with steel CKD design and are additionally supported depth-wise by welding 6 or 4 folded profiles. The top cover has provision for mounting fan modules and for unique cable entry and exit cut outs to handle high density cables. The front and back perforated metal dual door shave plain or vented dual side panels. NHDC racks are available in 22U to 48U and 900×1200 and 42U 1000×1200 configurations.

Ravi Raj, Brand Head, Director Sales & Support at Netrack said, “We are the manufacturers of complete rack solutions and we provide IT industry the best quality product and fastest delivery to the customers. The product is designed especially for high density closed cabling requirement for corporate IT that offers a secure environment by minimizing the chances of security breach. We will continue to grow by launching new product s in the market.” 


  • Conforms to DIN 41494 (General industrial standard for equipment) or equivalent EIA /ISO/ EN/CEA standard
  • Adjustable mounting depth
  • 19″ verticals with punched 10mm square hole and universal 12.7 mm-15.875 m-15.875 mm. It offers great mounting flexibility, maximizes usable mounting space
  • Universal 25mm pitch holes for ETSI Standard racks
  • Powder coated finish with seven tank pretreatment process meeting ASTM standard
  • Grounding and bonding options
  • Fan module mount provision on top cover

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