NetRack launches 19″ widescreen LCD console drawer

NetRack-LCD-console-drawerBangalore, India, August 07, 2014: NetRack, a leading solutions provider for data centers and end-to-end IT server racks, has announced the launch of highly flexible 19″ widescreen LCD console drawer. The compact ultra-slim display along with a keyboard & touchpad within a 1U rack provides users with viewing area and allowing them to perform multiple tasks.

The LCD console drawer has user-friendly interface that can simplify IT duties making the installation fast, simple and operation process hassle-free. It can be installed in fraction of the time. It can seamlessly manage a single rack, or multiple racks of servers from a single workstation without any added complexity. LCD rack drawer supports different operating systems and can be easily integrated into server rooms and data centers environment.

Ravi RajBrand Head, Director Sales & Support at NetRack, said, “We are glad to announce the flexible LCD rack console which gives better performance for data centers. Rack mount LCD drawer helps to optimize rack space while maximizing rack monitoring. LCD widescreen display supports high-resolution computing applications and current technologies.” 

1U LCD drawer can manage and collect information from servers in data centers and server rooms. LCD rack console along with KVM switches have an integrated access solution for data center and server room / rack. LCD rack console have valuable rack space which takes only up to 85% less space than a full-size keyboard, monitor and mouse.Side rails of the drawer have fixed positions to provide the user with a stable working environment, which can support both USB interfaces and PS/2. Also this eliminate cold air movement in unwanted area, generally happens with conventional monitor and keyboard arrangement.

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