MSM launches integrated multi-media marketing campaign to promote

Mumbai, India, June 5, 2014: Multi Screen Media (MSM) has launched an integrated marketing campaign for the digital Sports Entertainment brand – LIV Sports ( The campaign has been derived on the basis of a consumer behavior study that reveals that today’s screen agnostic youth are riveted to multiple screens and devices all the time. These ‘screenagers’ are always busy on their smart phones and tablets. They are either on social media or catching up with their favorite sports and entertainment content even while they are with friends at a club or a café. The marketing strategy is inspired by this well established truth that today’s youth have all acquired the personalized “Me, Myself and I” tag. Hence the campaign idea – I, Me and My!

LIV Sports has rolled out a 60-seconder Graffiti based TVC that emphasizes on the brand’s unique selling points. Conceptualized by Havas Worldwide, the ads are a great extension to the key concept – “I, Me and My”.


The brand building campaign is currently running on the MSM Network channels and will be activated across multiple youth-focused media avenues including on-air, Outdoor, Radio, In-Cinema advertising, digital marketing, Social Media and BTL activities. The campaign leverages LIV Sports key offering to its consumers – making available quality content that is mass inclusive and not designed to cater only to ardent sports fans. The digital destination will showcase LIVE and Video-on-demand sports content, rich & informative world-class sporting data and analytics in a fun, engaging and entertaining way through games like “Mohit Bana Messi – Jerseyfy Me” and “Pehchaan Kaun”. Grey Digital has created the interface for the portal as well the accompanying mobile and tablet app.

Nitesh Kripalani, Executive Vice-President – New Media, Business Development and Digital/Syndication at Sony Entertainment Network commented, “We have based our communications approach on several studies, that reflects that today’s tech savvy youth are always connected and spend most of their times on their smart phones, tablets and other screens, irrespective of where they are or whom they are with. LIVE Sports is enjoyed together with friends, hence we have also included multiple engagements that will allow users to play/compete with their friends. We are excited about the campaign; the on-ground execution will target specific product features and enable maximum outreach”.

“The look and feel of the commercials has been specially crafted in a way that appeals to the youth, right from the graffiti art to the jingle.” – Nitesh added.

 Speaking about the creative strategy behind the campaign, Vivek Rao, Executive Creative Director, Havas Worldwide commented, “Given that most of the youth today are obsessed with their smartphones and tablets, they have all acquired the ‘me, myself and I’ tag. We tapped into this with a simple premise – if you are going to spend that much time on your devices, there’s no better way to enjoy watching sports & entertainment than  It’s packed in so many unique features you’ll always want to spend time on it. 

“The graffiti art is a funky visual style to depict the various features and demonstrate what you could spend your time on.” Vivek added.

Shavon Barua, President – West and South, Havas Worldwide commented, “The campaign speaks to today’s ‘screenagers’; the screen agnostic youth of India who keep switching between multiple screens at ease. Since this is a launch campaign, our approach is to highlight the unique features of in a creative style that the screenagers will identify with. The premise of our story-telling expresses how LIV Sports brings the screenager’s screen to life touching upon the aspects of engagement, personalization and Sports-Entertainment!”

The digital surround for LIVSports is being handled by Grey Digital. Speaking on the campaign, Sudhir Nair, Sr Vice-President and Head, Grey Digital said “ is not meant for just avid Sport buffs, but also those who look at Sports as a means of Entertainment. The fun engagements on the portal will pique their imagination. The campaign will be promoted through select display and sustained use of social channels”.

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