Mphasis partners with McorpCX to ‘Unleash the Next’ in Digital Customer Experience

Bangalore, India, March 26, 2015: Mphasis, a leading IT solutions provider, has announced its partnership with McorpCX, a leading global customer experience consultancy and services company, to provide Digital Customer Experience Management services. The partnership aims to combine their complementary skills and customer experience focus to help clients deliver simple, seamless, omni-channel experiences to their customers.

A globally recognized boutique customer experience firm, McorpCX is the ideal partner for Mphasis with over 10 years of CX experience, a prestigious Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) client list, and industry-recognized best practices and methods for identifying and enabling what needs to happen to deliver unprecedented customer experiences.  Together, the partnership offers clients a unique blend of talent, expertise and experience that no other CX practice or IT solution provider can do on their own.

“Customer experience, especially digital customer experience, is one of the most significant strategic movements underway across all industries. Combining McorpCX’s services with Mphasis’ global execution capabilities will allow us to be instrumental in assisting with some of the largest global digital customer transformations. Our partnership with McorpCX will trigger a paradigm shift from just understanding customer insights to driving real operational execution of customer experience improvement”, said Graham Clark, VP & Global Head, and Customer Experience Management.

This partnership strengthens Mphasis’ focus on customer experience strategy and services with Customer Journey Mapping, CX Transformation and Design, Voice-of-the-Customer Insights, and other capabilities. Together, these services are designed to help any company build lifetime customers, enhance customer value and better meet customer needs by understanding and improving customer experiences.

“In a world where physical and virtual environments are rapidly converging, companies need to meet customer needs anytime, anywhere, and on any device. At McorpCX, we recognize the importance of the role that IT plays in enabling this convergence. We leverage our expertise as customer experience strategists and designers to create customer and business value through the differentiated experiences that today’s ‘smart customers’ demand – and that leading companies need to effectively compete.” said Michael Hinshaw, President of McorpCX and co-author of Smart Customers, Stupid Companies.

“That’s why aligning innovation in customer experience with innovative information technology is increasingly important, as the reliance on digital and integrated omni-channel touch points increases. We’re excited to partner with Mphasis, bringing the best of both worlds to leading global enterprises and enabling the delivery of seamless, end-to-end experiences that meet and exceed customer’s expectations across multiple segments, journeys and devices,” concluded Mr. Hinshaw.

Mphasis’ CEM solution offers an integrated, enterprise-wide approach to managing customer experience by leveraging continuous analysis of customers’ behaviors, processes and the technology that supports it. It focuses on identifying, anticipating and satisfying customers’ needs across all journeys and touch points, leading to increased retention and greater profitability.

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