Mindtree to launch new practices for testing in a connected world

Mindtree-logoMumbai, India, May 7, 2014: Mindtree, a global technology services company, will unveil its latest innovations for testing in a connected world as a Platinum Sponsor of STAREAST, the premier event for software testers and quality assurance professionals. Mindtree’s Rajeevan Velayudhan will conduct a technical presentation entitled “Is Your Test Strategy Ready for a Connected World?” on Thursday, May 8, 2014 at 9:45am.

The presentation will highlight how QA organizations need to re-think the protection of entire customer experiences while ensuring high quality individual applications. Velayudhan will illustrate how building a map of end-to-end business processes and their interactions with each other is no longer just a domain of individual application teams. This new approach is ‘user centric’ whereby teams move from testing applications to testing customer experiences over multi-channel platforms in distributed locations and networks. The benefit of this approach is improvements in quality, cost and agility while ensuring QA gets its rightful seat at portfolio strategy discussions and becomes more than just a project activity.

Dominique Raviart, analyst at NelsonHall states that “Mindtree is developing an end-user approach to the software testing work it conducts. This end-user approach is of course found in usability testing engagements and expands towards Mindtree training its testing practice personnel to consider the end-user side of a testing project. Mindtree is therefore not offering a distinct service offering but a dual approach to testing, both as a technical service and an end-user perspective. This is a nice differentiator in an IT market that is gradually leaning towards consumerization and putting end-users back at its center.”

Global Head of QA at Mindtree Manas Chakraborty said, “At Mindtree, we ensure that our clients deliver the best value to their customers while maximizing efficiencies and collaboration. Our innovative approach is based on deploying scalable frameworks & models that examine entire business processes and focus on customer centricity.”

Mindtree experts will be at the conference to discuss the approach and components that will help client organizations adopt this transformational approach to Quality Assurance.

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