Mappls App by MapmyIndia introduces path-breaking Junction Views in navigation to enable safer driving and help minimise road accidents

MapmyIndia announced that it is introducing a path-breaking, road safety feature called Junction View within navigation in the free Mappls app. (downloadable on Android and iOS phones from Have you ever been confused while driving toward the flyover, not knowing whether to take it or avoid it? Or Have you ever reached a complex intersection and missed a turn only to take a long U-turn back to your original route thus losing tens of minutes? The answer to these questions were a resounding YES for more than 80% of drivers that were surveyed during the building of this path-breaking feature by MapmyIndia Mappls.

With Junction View, MapmyIndia Mappls has introduced a truly innovative and extremely helpful navigation feature for everyone to use through the free, swadeshi Mappls consumer App. Tens of thousands of junction views can be found in the Mappls App, with ever-expanding coverage, across thousands of cities and highways which include major cities like Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Ludhiana, Lucknow, etc aimed to help people navigate confidently while approaching Flyovers or Junctions or Forks, the function is a unique feature that Indian users do not get from foreign default maps Apps. This, in addition to the hundreds of more software features and most accurate and detailed maps, make Mappls app India’s best maps and navigation app to download and use.

Sudden decision-making while approaching a flyover can be a nightmare while driving in a new city. Multiple turn options to choose from in front of the driver can also be puzzling and can also result in accidents. With a clear view ahead, people will never miss the next exit when driving with the MapmyIndia Mappls app.

Mappls App Junction view gives the 3D representation of the junction with marked lanes. The highlighted mark shows the exit or entry of the flyover in the 3D photo-realistic format while navigating. The junction view shows a preview of the next junction, if available. One can close the displayed intersection by tapping the junction view arrow mark during navigation.

Rohan Verma, CEO & Executive Director, MapmyIndia, said, “Being the pioneer in the industry since 1995, we constantly strive to improve people’s experiences through world-class technology. Nowadays, maps have become an intrinsic part of every commuter’s life calling for constant innovation to make road journeys safe. We noticed the hindrances and accidents caused by the confusion while taking the right path or turning at the junctions and forks. Noticing the need, our team worked diligently to come up with this feature that will help reduce travel time, costs, hassle, and road accidents, which is critical in the Indian context. We appeal to all to use the free, swadeshi Mappls app which offers such advanced safety and smart navigation features and encourage others in their social and professional networks as well as organisations to download and use the free Mappls app.”

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