ManpowerGroup deploys WatchGuard’s XTM for Connectivity

WatchGuard-Technologies-logoNew Delhi, India, May 22, 2014: ManpowerGroup, a playerr in innovative workforce solutions, has deployed two of WatchGuard‘s XTM 1050 appliances in high availability (HA) mode. With WatchGuard’s XTM 1050 appliance in HA mode, ManpowerGroup is able to centralize internet connectivity and its management.

ManpowerGroup required an uninterrupted connectivity across all the branches located at multiple locations. With more than 500+ employees in India spread across 13 locations, the critical challenge was to provide centralized connectivity and management from their headquarter at Gurgaon (Haryana). The bigger challenge for ManpowerGroup was to monitor employee internet usage at the branches so that bandwidth gets used only for business purposes. ManpowerGroup wanted to set up their IT security policy and ensure that it was uniformly administered across branches, which set in motion a search for the right firewall.

ManpowerGroup chose WatchGuard’s XTM 1050 in HA mode at Gurgaon in order to centralize internet connectivity and its management. With the installation of XTM 1050 appliances in HA mode, internet connectivity with the branches was established through MPLS. Bandwidth delivery from a central location led to its consolidation, resulting in 30% – 40% savings. Centralized administration ensured uniformity in application of security policies across branches.

Application access improved appreciably after the XTM 1050 boxes were installed. A firewall throughput of 10 Gbps and VPN throughput of 2 Gbps made application access seamless. The GAV (Gateway Anti-Virus), IPS and application blocking features, which form a part of WatchGuard’s UTM offering, ensure that ManpowerGroup is continuously protected from various threats. Patches, updates, and new policies could be deployed from the central location. Centralized management ensured that all IT activities of employees across branches could be monitored at the click of a button and made firewall administration across multiple clients easy.

Executive Director and President at ManpowerGroup India Srikanth Rengarajan said “With WatchGuard we could achieve connectivity and centralized management of all branches. There was a steady improvement in the application access. Firewall administration across multiple clients and uniform implementation of IT security policies across all branches were made easy. The resultant savings in bandwidth costs and the ability to get employees to focus on business were icing on the cake.”

Country Manager – India / SAARC at WatchGuard Mohit Puri said, “ManpowerGroup’s biggest concern was the centralized connectivity and its management. We would like to thank ManpowerGroup for the confidence that they had in our technical and support team. Our XTM 1050 in HA mode has helped them to address their problems wherein they have uninterrupted connectivity across multiple locations.”

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