LinguaNext launches Linguify.Mobile- a language platform product for mobile applications

New Delhi, India, August 20, 2014: In India, everyone wants to interact or purchase items or want to see movies in their regional languages. These regional languages feel more comfort to people when they interact with each other. If same thing will happen in your smartphone (means, your mobile will fill with regional languages), then you will feel more comfortable. Either your English is too good or bad, you may be think for this kind of application. In a country that hosts multiple regional languages, there was a huge market potential for a product that transforms any mobile application for use in any local language.

Today, LinguaNext, a software application vendors, has filled the gap (regional languages) with its Linguify.Mobile’, a language platform product for mobile applications. The company has also announced the successful facilitation of the mobile apps of Quikr and Yepme, in Hindi through this product.

 Linguify.Mobile is a language platform product that transforms mobile applications in various Indian languages, with no application performance loss, and without changing or accessing the underlying source code. Due to the time consuming process that includes refactoring source code, getting translations, carrying out language testing and application lifecycle management for multiple languages, translation of a mobile app has always been a daunting task. Linguify.Mobile offers a quick implementation – in a timeline measured in days to have a ready application available in any language.


CEO of LinguaNext Jagdish Sahasrabudhe said,“In a diverse multilingual country where millions access the internet from their mobile phones, we aimed to come up with a solution which can give mobile app users freedom to communicate, browse and shop in their own preferred language. By introducing Linguify.Mobile, we are confident of making this the de-facto standard for application language localization across all industry verticals. We are excited to launch the first single integrated mobile app in Hindi for Yepme and Quikr.” 

This makes Linguify.Mobile most suitable for mobile applications providers interested in increasing the reach of their applications. Linguify is based on several patent pending technologies that result in saving the hassle for customers to download one app again and again for other language preference, by providing a single integrated app for multiple languages.

Enterprises can make their mobile apps global, reach out to newer markets, or even reach domestic customers who prefer different languages, without any impact to their app development organizations.

Krishna Iyer, AVP & Head of Sales,, added, “To help more users meet their local commerce needs, we feel it is really important to make Quikr available in regional languages. We are seeing significant user adoption through our mobile apps, and now with the option to use the app in Hindi, and soon in other Indian languages, we look forward to multiplying our user base and creating a truly broad-based classifieds marketplace.”

Avinash Parhi, General Manager – Operations Excellence,, added, “We were looking for a flexible and efficient solution which can seamlessly integrate Hindi language to our existing mobile app in less time. Linguify.Mobile offered us much more than that. We are very happy with the user interface and look forward to serving Hindi speaking masses.”

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