Letv showcases Le 3D Helmet, LeMe Bluetooth Headphones and Super Cycle

New Delhi, India, January 05, 2016: Letv, a leading internet conglomerate and technology company, today launched its innovative Le 3D Helmet, LeMe Bluetooth Headphones and Super Cycle. Introducing the Letv comprehensive ecosystem, the company launched the Le 3D Helmet and Super Cycle along with the LeMe Bluetooth Headphones, offering consumers breakthrough technology at sustainable pricing.


Designed to enhance users’ entertainment experience, the Le 3D Helmet and the LeMe Bluetooth Headphones will offer a unique video and audio experience to consumers. The Super Cycle is not just a cycle, it’s an Internet-enabled self-powered transport system, which will take fitness to newer levels. Re-defining the cycling experience and creating dynamic visual effect, the Super Cycle will be a game changer, making life easier and more fun.

With a content-based ecosystem integrated across devices, Letv is committed to providing end-users with devices which have superior performance at disruptive pricing. Mr. Dickson Lee, General Manager, APAC Smart Device of Letv said “At Letv, it is our constant endeavor to provide our consumers with the most innovative products and best in class experiences. With the new devices, we aim to offer a unique combination of amazing features, and top performance supported with good battery life packed in a sleek design. We are confident that our consumers will love the experience on our devices.”

“Empowered by the strong ecosystem, we are dedicated to offering Indian consumers lifestyle enabling products,” he added.

When it comes to the mobile accessories, consumers today want a smooth user experience coupled with good battery life, visuals and graphics without compromising on performance. Letv designs and manufactures innovative and unique products to help consumers choose the best devices for their needs.

Letv is likely to launch its globally successful flagship Superphones in India soon. Letv entered the smartphone industry in April 2015, having sold 1 million Le Superphones in November alone, making it the best-selling new product across the Internet. The top-seller Le Superphones, released by the company that entered the smartphone market just half a year ago, have achieved great sales success.

Le-3D-HelmetLe 3D Helmet

The Le 3D Helmet offers a sharp and customized user experience. The helmet is equipped with a 5.5″ SHARP 2K LCD screen and a resolution of 2560*1440 with 70° field of view. With slick dimensions, the device is easy to hold and light to carry, as it weights <450g (excluding headband). Enabling a powerful and rich multi-media experience, the helmet comes with a USB Type C port to connect with your phone for MHL signal input. The 3D Helmet is the optimal device for viewing videos and playing enhanced games, anytime, anywhere.


LeMe-Bluetooth-Headphones  LeMe Bluetooth Headphones

The LeMe range Bluetooth Headphones from Letv, feature a dimension of      180*176.8*62.8MM, and a speaker frequency response of 20Hz– 20,000Hz, for the  ultimate wireless audio experience. The device also sports a powerful 195 mAH Li-  ion polymer battery for on the go usage enabling music playback time and talking  time of 10 hours and standby time of 26.5 days with charging time of 2 hours. The  headphones will offer users a chance to express their personality with colors as they  are available in a wide range of variants like red, pink, blue, orange and white. It is  the perfect ‘on-the-go’ gadget and comes with a charging port of Micro USB Type B  with a wireless range of 10m and weight about 240g. The Bluetooth Headphones  encompass Letv’s vision to offer a variety of choices to match the varied needs and                                                           lifestyles of consumers.

Le-Super-CycleSuper Cycle

The first of its kind smart urban Cycle is an Internet-enabled self-powered transport system. With various sensors integrated in the Cycle, it collects all data generated when cycling as well as monitors how you cycle and through cloud computing allows you to get real-time statistical data. Through long-term data accumulation, the accuracy of measurement will be enhanced producing a cycling scheme specifically customized to meet the users’ needs. The keyless and chain-less anti-theft technology installed with Fingerprint identification makes the Super Cycle smarter, cooler and only for you. Via mobile App controls, real-time positioning and remote locking and unlocking is possible on the Super Cycle. With cycling interface built-in handle bars, all your cycling information just at your fingerprints. Built-in digital PTT walkie-talkie, Bluetooth technology and a 3G WCDMA telecommunication module, makes the Super Cycle more fun as it allows users to share cycling experience with friends in real time. It has miraculous cross-device interconnectivity, automatic power generation and precise positioning with real-time navigation.

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