Lenovo launches Deal Registration System (DRS) – DRS 2.0, online connection between Lenovo and its commercial business partners

Bangalore, India, April 7 2015: Lenovo, the world’s largest PC maker and an emerging PC Plus leader, announced the introduction of Deal Registration System (DRS) – DRS 2.0, an easy-to-use platform that builds a direct online connection between Lenovo and its commercial business partners. This initiative aims to equip the partner with updated information, provide exclusivity and reduce the turn-around time from client identification to closure of business.

DSR 2.0 is a free platform and can be accessed on any web browser and mobile handsets. The platform builds on the first version of the platform DSR 1.0 that was launched last year and adds several features that not only increase functionality, speed and transparency but also provide a lag-free engagement. Once registered on to the platform, a partner can avail a plethora of benefits from best deals on a prospective client, streamline the process by exclusively locking in the client with Lenovo and have free access to CRM solutions.

Commenting on the launch, Nitin Garg, Channel Head, Commercial Business Segment, Lenovo India said, “We at Lenovo are strongly committed to our partners and strive towards strengthening our relationship with them. DRS 2.0 is yet another endeavour from Lenovo to ensure its partners receive the best possible opportunity. With this launch, we not only make our engagement with our partners seamless but also empower them and provide them with a tangible edge in their business.”

DSR 2.0 provides three distinct benefits to partners once they register onto the platform.

  1. Best deals: Once a participating partner registers the details of the prospective deal, they have access to best rates and deals for the opportunity, thus increasing their probability to win with Lenovo.
  2. Clarity of business: A registered partner gets to lock-in a prospective client on the platform for a period of 90 days, provided the same client is not already locked-in. During this period, Lenovo will offer all the necessary support related to the client only to that registered partner.
  3. CRM Support: A key addition is the free access to the CRM solution within DRS 2.0, helping partners maintain records, review transactions and access detailed chronological data.

For Lenovo, channel partners form a crucial component to business growth. To help build, strengthen and sustain their relationship with this community, Lenovo has designed this platform. Through DRS 2.0 Lenovo will be able to expand its partner ecosystem and grow its business.

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