KeyPoint Technologies launches ‘Wink It’

key-pointNew Delhi, India, February 6, 2014: KeyPoint Technologies launches Wink It, India’s first emoticon and image prediction keyboard for smartphone users. Wink It predicts emoticons as users start typing the words and suggests multiple output options. It will be available in Android platforms like Google Playstore.

KeyPoint Technologies’ Wink It is a step forward in transforming the way smartphone users communicate and chat in India as well as globally. This revolutionary feature allows smartphone users select from a variety of real-time, relevant icons and images to help create texts that are more expressive and fun. With the number of smartphone users in the country booming, the dynamics of smartphone communication are changing rapidly with more space for innovation and effortless communication solutions.

CEO at KeyPoint Technologies Sumit Goswami said, “Image prediction is the future of instant messaging and will answer users’ requirements. We are confident that our new Wink It keyboard will allow users to express themselves better and make their communication more engaging and impressive. This new feature will certainly add on to our industry firsts and will be a step forward in offering innovative solutions to one of the largest smartphone markets of the world.”

Wink It predicts the not only the right images/emoticons based on context, error correction and most importantly, user preferences, rather than mere word matching but also comes with the added feature of auto correction and next word prediction. With Wink It predictions, users can choose from multiple choices for a given input. For example, when a user starts typing “fruit”, the output options can range from images of an apple, banana, mango and several more fruits.

The Wink It keyboard is also intelligent as it continuously learns users’ writing styles to suggest the most accurate image to make texting considerably faster and more interesting. It will also predict emotions based not only on word inputs but also on voice input recognition, single tap, multi touch tap and glide.

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