KENT rolls out its Next-Gen Touchless Face Attendance System KENT CamAttendance

KENT has launched its innovative solution to the problems associated with capturing employee attendance in post-COVID-19 era. KENT has announced its Next-Gen Touchless Face Attendance System KENT CamAttendance. KENT has also announced Shah Rukh Khan as Brand Ambassador for KENT CamAttendance.


KENT CamAttendance uses AI based Face Recognition to capture and recognize the face of an employee for attendance. It can work under low-light conditions & with changing facial features like beard, etc. KENT CamAttendance uses Patented algorithm to differentiate between real person & a photo and the system cannot be fooled by using a high-resolution photo or by showing a photo in a mobile phone.

Multiple KENT CamAttendance devices can be installed at various locations, within the same office as well as across factories, branch offices etc. Data from all devices is synchronized with cloud on real-time basis.

How it KENT CamAttendance Works?

Employee stands in front of the device
The device is pre-loaded with face data received from cloud
It uses AI based algorithm to recognize an employee
Upon successful recognition, data is pushed to the Cloud

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