Kaspersky Lab wins Info Security’s Global Excellence Award for best Blog – Securelist

Kaspersky-Lab-logoMumbai, India, May 7, 2014: Kaspersky Lab announced today it has been awarded a gold award for Best Blog for Securelist in Info Security’s Global Excellence Awards. The Info Security’s Global Excellence Awards program was created to honor the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and individuals from all over the world in every facet of security.

Securelist is a leader in providing the most essential expertise on modern cyberthreats such as malware, spam, phishing, targeted attacks, APTs and DDoS attacks. As the official source of Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research and Analysis Team, Securelist has published a number of exclusive research papers on Kaspersky Lab’s discovery of the most sophisticated cyberattacks, such as Duqu, Gauss, Flame, Red October, Madi and others.

Not only does Securelist break threat research news and publish quarterly and annual reports, but the blog also provides information about common threats that consumers and businesses face in their daily digital lives. The blog is also provides tips that help protect their valuable virtual assets.

Ryan Naraine, Head, Global Research & Analysis Team, USA, Kaspersky Lab, said, “Securelist was created under the principle that all users – business or consumer – should have an easily accessible resource to be kept up to date on the current threat landscape. This award demonstrates that we’ve achieved our goal of providing information about threats that all users can find valuable and useful. Furthermore, it’s a testament to Kaspersky Lab’s leadership in threat research and expertise.”

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